The Lone Blade #14

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Hey everyone! Thank you for reading us once again, without further due let’s jump right into this week’s sum up!

First of all, if you did not know, we updated the game demo this Wednesday. First with this update comes an attempt at polishing the tutorial scene! In other words, where we before had long sentences explaining controls, we now set up small animations that are clearer on what you should do.

We also updated the game typo, choosing a Lineal instead of a scribe which was not fitting totally the game artistic direction. We also updated the wind zone by adding the ruins of a city we showed you guys earlier this month.

Unfortunately, we said the next update will contain the boss, but it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, this boss was the main concern of our world for the past weeks- and still is, but we weren’t satisfied with how we had him settled. Don’t worry though we are fixing him up and polishing it, you guys should be introduced soon enough!

This week we also applied for the Amaze award! And today, the nominees of the Unfold award were announced but we weren’t part of them! It’s not a big surprise though we will keep on the hard work! We are full of hope concerning the future of The Lone Blade! 

This week is also the week we welcomed someone that we will help us with the game level design. This is something we’ve struggled with quite a bit so far, and we think that his help will have an important impact on the game’s development since we will be able to focus more on our specialties. Enough teasing, his name is Maxence Couteau, and you can check out his work online here!

We are currently working on a discord server where we will share everything there is to know about the game and where we can answer questions or talk about anything game-related. We will share the link everywhere since it will be a public discord so anyone interested can join!

Of course, we are still looking for a publisher and we sent over a few emails this week! We hope to find someone interested enough in our project by August!

Well, that is about it for this week! If you have any questions or things you wanna ask, make sure to hold the thought for when the discord will open.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading us! Thank you for staying tuned, of course as usual you can meet us on Twitter and download the game on itch!

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Have a great week, and see you next Saturday!

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