The Lone Blade #12

(i forgot to post the  #11 devlog last week  but if you want to read it you can find it here)

Hello everyone, thank you for reading us today, we hope you’ve had a wonderful week, ours was very interesting!

So if you remember well, we are still polishing the demo, for the past 2 weeks we are working on having a Boss Battle in the game. It is quite a complicated task since we have to work with the environment we have settled.

We decided that now, the wind zone will be timed with the boss’s interaction. That means that you won’t only have to only wait for the good timing to go, but also watch out for the boss attacks and screams. (We are thinking of synching the wind zone with the boss’s screams).

We set up a pretty rough cinematic of what we think the boss intro could be like. We believe that the animation is quite stiff and should be improved in the future, but just to give you guys a peek at how this will probably look like.

This week we had the opportunity to attempt a little french talk show called “Jeud’indie” (literally Indie-Thursday), hosted by Kornéus! He launched the show two weeks ago and we were the third team to come over and present the game. 

We were warmly welcomed and had a great time there. Kornéus tried out the demo and did an actually very good job finishing the demo. You can check out the replay of the live right here. You can also subscribe to his youtube channel right here, where the live will be edited to only keep the important highlights.

Finally,Maui, a writer from the website wrote an article about the game. Relevant and precise, she well describes the state of the demo from a few weeks back. We are still improving it and working hard to fix the major issues with the game. We thank her for taking the time to play throughout the entire demo. If you are interested to read the article you can check it right here

That is about it for this week, we are still looking for a publisher. We did receive emails from companies we had reached out to. We thank everyone who actually considered our game for publishing and will be continuing to search for someone.  

We hope you enjoyed reading us, if you did and you aren’t, please consider subscribing to our newsletter you can also follow us on Twitter and Itch! 

We wish you guys a cool week and we will be seeing you next Saturday!


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Apr 15, 2021

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