The Lone Blade #10

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Hello everyone, we hope you’ve had a great week! This week we got back on production and sent our firsts pitch decks to 3 different publishers!

What Happened This Week:

So first of all, we finished the pitch deck, after reworking its entire visual, we corrected typos and made sure it was optimized to gather a maximum of information about us and the game. 

We sent it over to 3 publishers that we selected over a list that we’ve made. We are going to wait for answers if there is gonna be any, and feedbacks on the document so we can improve it before sending it over to other potential publishers.

Ho! and Monday the interview we made with the lovely peoples at IndieCent Exposure was released you can check it out below and don’t hesitate to check the others interviews on their channel and to subscribe!

We Got Back To The Game Production:

We also created new assets for the Ruin village we are going to add to the first part. In this part, the player will have to venture through Its ruins and discover a little more about the ancient civilization that used to live there.

We also reworked the look of the sword that is now fitting more efficiently to the game Univers.

here the evolution of the sword look from the prototype to the new version

(here the evolution of the sword look from the prototype to the new version)

Eventually, we sculpted a model for a new thing that will be incorporated in the game soon: Sandworms. This creature is gonna be around quite a lot in the first part of the game, and this is how it’s gonna look like.

That is it for this week, we are going to keep on the hard work. Like we explained last week, we want to maximize the quality of the demo and first part before getting deeper into the game.

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See you next week!

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